MICK'S NEW MIX Fleetwood utilizes local artists for Island Rumours and distinct Hawai'i flavor.


Reinterpret, reinvent, revisit. Those three Rs are the formula for Mick Fleetwood, founder of the renowned Fleetwood Mac, and his new Island Rumours Band.

"I've always been a musician, but I have entrepreneurial tendencies outside of Fleetwood Mac," Fleetwood said in a phone interview from his sprawling home in Kula, Maui.

For Island Rumours, Fleetwood (drums) tapped local singers-musicians Willie K (voice and guitars) and Eric Gilliom (voice and guitars), Hawai'i songstress Raiatea Helm (voice and 'ukulele), and veterans Rick Vito (voice and guitars) and Lenny Castellanos (bass). He also acquired the services of Lopaka Coln (voice and percussion), after hearing his percussion artistry on a Henry Kapono album.

The intent was to introduce a new version of Fleetwood Mac, with new players who could revive some Mac marvels from the past, but featuring a refined contemporary, global, and yes, Hawai’i personality.
— Mick Fleetwood

Fleetwood knew what he didn't want to do - and that was to stifle the existing careers of the local musicians.

"This is all about expansion, to feel free," he said. "They have their own careers, but now they have something else they need to be serious and committed to, and I feel we'll all benefit from whatever we'll do.

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